This is the very popular signature A-MM-E Riding Skirt in a gold lace fabric - a stunning skirt. The A-MM-E Riding Skirt was inspired by the bottom drape of the Victoriana Riding Coat and hot summers nights in Pietrasanta Piazza, This version is made from an expensive high quality gold with a slight-stretch, light weight and very soft to the touch. It can be dressed up or down, worn with anything from heels to trainers, with the A-MM-E drape tops. Designed to be worn high waist but, due to back elastic waistline, it can also be pulled down to hips if desired. Made in Britain.

VARIATIONS - black lace, gold lace, pure gold, Sicilian floral, chocolate silk velvet, navy wool, camel wool - check the website for constant updates in items.

  • care & composition

    dry clean only


    poly blend with gold print