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c o c o  a n d  g o l d 

c a s h m e r e  c o l l e c t i o n

with bob sdrunk shades, sicilian florals and golds

We have sourced the purest quality cashmere that is soft quality, ages beautifully and also ethical 

scroll to bottom to see who made them

People who buy these jumpers tend to live in them for years and years

one jumper for all occasions, all sizes, all shapes, all genders, all ages 

wear it over size or fitted, casual or smart


    Feel good on every level with the a-MM-e cashmeres

    a-MM-e was proud to take part in Fashion Revolution last year with 'who made your clothes?' Most of a-MM-e collections are made in Britain with a slow fashion ethos, but the cashmeres are made on a Himalayan Eco Community.  It took a long time to source a cashmere that is both ethical whilst also having luxury quality that ages beautifully.


    Cashmere is a natural wool. It is produced sustainably. The herding of the goat for this wool is mostly done by small farmers who are paid well for their annual produces. The wool used is a byproduct of the animal, which the animal will naturally shed in spring if not sheared. The goat from which this cashmere comes is usually reared for meat and husbandry, mostly in villages - house by house. Because it is such a prized material - people are very careful, so there is hardly any scope or need of malpractice of any sort. 

    The factory itself is very aware of eco credentials. They treat the waste water biologically so what is left behind is 100% environmentally friendly. This year they are massively investing in solar for heating and already use bio - briquettes for their boilers. They hire mostly women from the local community 90% and are situated in a sub-remote part of Himalayas, training employees from a zero skill base. Social responsibility is a very important issue. Fox example - employees children get free education. ​ 

    The result?  A beautiful and unique designer cashmere made from exceptional, pure, high quality, soft wool, that is guilt free. ​It's great to feel good on many levels :)

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